Promoter’s Profile

Dr. Anup Soni

Dr. Anup Soni is a serial entrepreneur and has a total experience of 20 years. He has been instrumental in promoting and running successfully multiple companies in the past. His experiences are in the field of Media and Entertainment, Finance, Real Estate, Animation, Software & Technology.
Over the years he has developed his expertise in the field of company operations, Start-ups, Business Consulting, fund raising and business strategy. With his experience and after working within India and setting up his own business operations in other countries, Dr Anup has used all his experiences in building few companies and after making them grow made an exit to follow his passion.
Today he is working to follow his creative passion of film making. With his vast business contacts, he continues to be a partner in one of the biggest real estate company in Mumbai. His understanding of finance has made him associate partners in other business too and he helps them in building strategies and fund raising activities. He continues to mentor such projects in various sectors like Real Estate, Restaurant, Surgical Instrument, Banking and B2B and B2C online business.
He has worked in International markets like the US, UK, Africa, Philippines and other parts of Asia-Pacific. His past associations have been with large corporate in software and IT technologies. Dr Anup has promoted and built over the last 15 years companies in software development, software services, animation and consulting services.
In the field of Media and Entertainment Dr Anup has been associated with the industry for quite some time. He is a completed his PhD in films & Arts with YSU. His creative passion has never kept him away from the industry and has been associated with many within the film industry. In the last few years he actively got into the industry. He was associated with some group of companies also . He helped to get the entire financial structuring done, create the company structure, bring in the right people, bring in corporate governance, bring in professionalism and run it like a corporate. During his tenure films his association the entire Make in India.

Personal Strengths

Dr Anup is an excellent communicator both in written and oral. His control on languages like English, Hindi and Gujarati is excellent. He is a good speaker, orator and also a motivator. He believes in leading from the front and over the years that has been his biggest and most admirable strength. He believes in taking decisions and owning it up 100%. He is an excellent team member and never afraid of failures. He believes that success is not reaching the pinnacle but to keep trying to reach the top is the real meaning of success.

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Abhinay Kumar Arya

Film Director

Abhinay has more than 2 decades of experience in the field of media and entertainment. He believes in keeping himself abreast with the latest technology in the field of editing, camera and film production. He has had the privilege of working with European Commission and in past has worked with organisations like CBS Corporation USA and Panda Club. Looking through the eye of the camera and viewing the world with a creative eye and finding nuances in daily life is his speciality. Courtesy his quest for learning, Abhinay has had a great professional journey. Starting from operating the camera to editing and now as one of the go-to directors for short film shoots, tv commercials, documentaries etc; he has come a long way. He has worked with more than 100 cine celebrities and creative teams from various regions. Over the years he has been a part of over 50 TV programs, feature films, corporate films, and commercials. Abhinay is an expert in workflow design for feature films and serials & Punjabi songs.